Necon Prep and Packing (and Panels!)

There’s something deeply unnerving about knowing that your fiction is going to be sharing GoH pages with Joe Hill. I’m just saying. In defense, I intentionally chose something unfinished and unpolished, so I have an excuse.

Of course, if he does the same, I’m sunk.

Meanwhile, I’m in prep mode, which for Necon consists mainly of making sure I have proper clothing (tank tops and shorts), bug spray, and booze. Oh and polishing up my mini-golf game.

(Seriously. Necon is not like your usual genre conventions)

There’s only a single track of programming, but they’ve got me pretty well cooked:

3 p.m. Between My World and Theirs: Balancing Work for Hire with Your Own Inventions
9 a.m. Magic in Low Places: Fantasy without Royalty (a 9am panel? Someone will Hear About This)
1 p.m. Guests of Honor Interview (Note: extended 90-minute panel). The interviewers are Canadian. This will be okay, right?

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