Mix, knead, rest. Repeat.

The great and horrible thing about multiple projects is that even when one’s in a resting phase, the others need kneading. So while I let Silver on the Road sit for a bit, I’m going full-tilt on Gin & Tonic #4 (due in July), and restarting work on Sylvan Investigations #3.

It’s actually sort of relaxing, being able to slip into familiar characters and familiar settings – while there’s a particular trickiness to writing mysteries, there’s also a structure I can fall back on, compared to the wide open canvas of the epic fantasy, especially an epic fantasy where you’re worldbuilding at an intense and somewhat terrifying scale…

So hopefully, I’ll also be able to catch up on the backlog of email and blogposts that have piled up over the past two months. Eeeek.

And, if anyone’s wondering “how the hell do you juggle all that?” I ask in turn – how the hell do you manage all your projects? How do we manage to learn multiple subjects in school? We just…do.

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