Reordering The Actions

For those who might be interested…

In an earlier post, I outlined the predicted structure of SILVER ON THE ROAD, as follows:

Part 1: Flood
Part 2: The Road
Part 3: A Magician
Part 4: Bones and Stone
Part 5: Silver on the Road
Part 6: Spanish Flu
Part 7: The Dust Roads

As of 9 April, the structure looks thus:

Part 1: Flood
Part 2: The Road
Part 3: Bones and Stones
Part 4: Rising Winds
Part 5: Spanish Flu
Part 6: Silver on the Road

Word count approximately as-estimated (112,000 before revisions)

And no, “Spanish Flu” is not going to be the final section title for 5.  Although I’m still tempted, For Reasons.

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