Deadline and the Longest Day

After nearly one year, four passes, two false endings, and some brave work by a small army of beta readers, and at a weirdly lean 114,000 words, SILVER ON THE ROAD is off to Twinling and Agent for their not-quite-so-exhausted take. Yay?

*decides that yes, yay*

So that’s one deadline down, two to go.  Since the second one is coming up in a week… yeah, I’m not entirely exactly relaxed right now.  And hey, then I’ll have feedback and revision letters and … well.  Sufficient unto the day the deadline slain therein.

the dragon at the end of the tunnel

Monday, I’m back on the pony.  A mystery to finish, novellas to write, a book to launch next month, and two client manuscripts about to land.  But today is the solstice, the longest day of the year for half the globe, and it’s bright and sunny and comfortably-not-too-warm outside.  So I’m taking A-Book-I-Didn’t-Write, a blanket, and a cool drink, and heading off for a day in the park.

Because I can.  :-)

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