The Complete Sylvan Investigations

When magic’s the problem, give us a call….

Danny Hendrickson: half human, half-faun, and 100% Attitude. Once a member of the NYPD, when they started looking too closely at non-humans in the force he went out on his own as a private investigator, straddling the line between human and fatae in his job the same way he does in his life (carefully, and with a lot of sarcasm).

He works alone…until fate – and a certain Retriever – toss a young human Talent in his path.  Ellen is a storm-seer, who sees people in trouble.  People she needs to save.

Together, they’re going to try and save everyone.

” Gilman’s deft touch delights”– C.E. Murphy

Now collected in one volume!

Miles to Go
Promises to Keep
The Work of Hunters
An Interrupted Cry

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“Gilman breaks your heart in the best way possible as she revisits the Cosa Nostradamus world with charming half-faun Danny taking the lead. I love delving into the sidekick characters that flesh out a world, and Gilman’s deft touch delights in the Sylvan Investigation novellas.” – C.E. Murphy, bestselling author of SHAMAN RISES

“The stories are tight and well-told despite the short length. They remind me of the slim Pocket books from the 1970’s where a good story trumped length any day.” – Alice in Vunderland (Amazon review)

“So glad Gilman decided to do more in the Retrievers/PSI universe with the Sylvan Investigations books. I say keep ’em coming.” – Anne Burner (Amazon review)

(these stories take place after the events of DRAGON JUSTICE (PSI #4)  but stand alone)


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