five things make the first workday of 2015….

Things researched: buzzard vs vulture, the weight of a saddle, sleepwalking, bison maturity.

Favorite bit written: She couldn’t promise any more, not faithfully. But as the words left her mouth, one of the buzzards lifted its head and swiveled its neck to look directly at her, and the cold sting in her palm faded.

Whoops:  escarpment is not the same thing as an encampment.

New words written: 1750

Clients dealt with: two  (one finishing up, one beginning)

And now I am going to be a post-NYE slug on a Friday night and curl up with the cats, a plate of pasta, a glass of wine, and the DVDs of NERO WOLFE (the Tim Hutton version).  Which, BTW, is TOTALLY research.

1 thought on “five things make the first workday of 2015….”

  1. Matti Prevost-Hart

    Side note: one of the coolest parts of my job is frequent sightings of the bison herd

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