I’m Insane, Let’s Do It Again: #WillWrite2FeedOthers 2019!

As anyone who’s been around a while knows, I am a firm believer that a hot shower and a  warm meal can turn a day — and sometimes even a life  — around.   And while I can’t actually feed everyone, I see no reason not to try.   So I make donations to my local food bank.  And with #WillWrite2FeedOthers, I’m inviting (ok, bribing) you to do the same.

With slightly updated and simplified rules, because I’m crazy but also tired.

For those of you who weren’t around for past #WW2FO campaigns, it’s simple.

1. Make a cash donation* to your local (national, international) food bank (or school lunch payment program!) of  $5 or more.
2. Email me** a photo of your receipt (with all personal details blacked out, please!)
3. When we reach a certain level of receipts (let’s call it $250 US), I will write a story available to everyone who donated.
4. If we reach another certain level of receipts (let’s call it $500 US) I will write a second story.
5. If we hit $1000, y’all get a goddamned novella.***

Donations  will be accepted from this date through  December 15th, 2019.
Story (if we reach goal) will be up on the  website January  15th, 2020.

If you post about this on social media (and you should!) please use #WW2FO so I can find it!

*I specify cash because most organizations can make money go further than we can, due to their connections. But a screen shot of at least $10 worth of goods being donated will count.  As will proof of an hour or more of volunteer time.

**send the screenshot here

***oh god, I want people to rise to the challenge, but I also fear it….


The Fine Print (in  normal-sized letters):

There are no guarantees as to the setting, genre or  topic  of  the  story.  That  said, y’all know I tend to revisit familiar and favored spots.
The story will  be  ~PG-13 level.
Access will be for password-holders only for at least 3 months.  I’m expecting  y’all to play  fair.

Let the  world-feeding begin!

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