Many years ago, I threw together a few of the short stories I’d written in my world of the Cosa Nostradamus, where magic ran alongside electricity.  It was a quick thing I did for the die-hard fans of the novels, and it never got much distribution.

But as we started to get the Retrievers and PSI novels set in this world ready for reissue, I thought…. I’ve written a bunch more in this world. Maybe I should collect those stories and do it right, this time?

When I suggested this to some readers, the reaction was, um…


and I went:


and then my designer and I put our heads together, and she came up with the absolutely amazing

Which is not only utterly GORGEOUS and perfectly evocative, but also leads into the repackaging of the novels, starting in December….



on-sale November 16th, 2019
available now for pre-order!





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