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A little over two years ago, I moved to the Pacific Northwest with a variety of goals.  One of those goals was to take my wine knowledge and put it to use again (after a stint working wine retail, using it to write an award-nominated trilogy, and host wine-tasting dinners, that is).

So I got a job at a winery tasting room.  And discovered – to actually nobody’s surprise – that I’m really good at it.  It combines several of my skills (geeky wine knowledge, the ability to talk to anyone who walks through the door, office organizational skills, marketing knowhow, and a slightly obsessive need to have things run smoothly) and puts them to use in a field I enjoy (the boutique wine industry).

Fast forward, and I’ve moved on from my original place of employment to a brand-new winery opening  a brand new tasting room, again working as Lead (basically, second-in-command) for the manager.  And then – just as I was preparing for the release of THE COLD EYE – I get a phone call.  “Your boss just gave notice.  We know you’ve got another career going with the books, but how do you feel about stepping up here, and maybe taking on a few more responsibilities, too?”

I told them I’d think about it, hung up the phone and – after a  brief period of hyperventilating – brought up a spreadsheet and started putting together the pros and cons of taking the (still part-time but more-time) job, while still keeping my writing time.  Then I texted my first boss, and said “you think I can do this?” Her response: “I told you a year ago you could do it, stop worrying!”  (reader, she did actually tell me that a year ago).  Then I called a friend who has more experience in the “more responsibilities” part of the job they were talking about and said “do you think I can do this?”  Rudely reassuring noises responded.  Yeah, they thought I had this.

Reader, I took the job.

Effective January 14th, I will be Woodinville Tasting Room and Website Content Manager for Rocky Pond Winery. If you’re ever in town (or happen to be visiting our “big sister” tasting room in Lake Chelan) stop by and say hi!


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  1. Making a note of this so that when the “Paul Weimer Photography Tour” hits the PNW, I will come by…


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