Trouble in Mind (and a new story-series?)

Despite nominally being on mini-vacation, things are Getting Accomplished… and “Trouble in Mind,” the first (of hopefully a whole bunch) of Pietr Cholis stories is now live-on-Patreon!

The Details:

In 2010, Luna published HARD MAGIC, the first of a ‘spin off’ series, featuring the private, unaffiliated paranormal investigators (PUPIs) mentioned in the Retrievers series. The hero of the series was supposed to be Bonita Torres. But pretty damn soon the entire team grabbed their share of the spotlight.
I’d hoped to run the series out 6 books, the same as the Retrievers series, but Luna decided they wanted me to go in another direction (the Portals duology).And so I gave the team a reasonable closing-off point in #4, and moved on. Or so I thought. The team still showed up occasionally, working with Danny and Ellen in the Sylvan Investigation novellas, and may have gotten a shout-out or two in short stories. But writing what came after DRAGON JUSTICE? I wasn’t feeling it.

Until Pietr perched himself on the corner of my desk, stole my coffee, and started telling me the story of what he’d been up, recently…

He thinks this is a jumping-off point to more stories. You’ll have to let him know if you agree.


(it’s only $1/month to get the new stories, plus Extra Content!)

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