Friday No-Report (with snippet)

Writers are boring when we’re actually writing. I don’t even have any interesting bits of new research to share, or even any cat photos (Boomer, after a rough evening on Wednesday, has been spending most of his time sleeping in the bedroom. Castiel has discovered that Spring! means Birds! and has spent most of the day in the window, bitching because he can’t teleport through glass.)

And me, mostly I’m at the keyboard, bleeding onto the pages. In a good, mostly-productive, and almost-healthy way.

So what’s everyone else up to?


And for those of you who don’t mind reading excerpts from something you won’t see for another 15 months…

“So where are we heading now?” she asked, sitting down to wait for the coffee to be ready. He handed her an apple, slightly mushy but still edible, and she ate it, waiting for his answer.

“I’d thought to head north” he said slowly. “Originally, take you up to the Lakota and their kin. I’ve friends there, and they could be useful to you.”

“Not now?”

He glanced sideways at the magician, who was moving through some sort of slow movements, like knife practice without a knife, away from the fire. “Devorah said there was trouble south of us. And the storm you saw coming in, it came over the Mother’s Knife, right?”

She nodded, chewing and swallowing before answering. “Yes.”

“That’s here,” and he drew a wavering line in the dirt with his finger. “The territory extends here,” and he drew another line, “and here,” and the line bent away from the first line at an angle. “There hasn’t been any noise of unrest we’ve heard, north of here,” and his finger rested on a spot in the dirt.

“We haven’t been that far north,” Izzy said, then squinted at the makeshift map. “I think.”

“You tell me, then. Is it north of us?”

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