Friday at ChattaCon

Woke up remarkably late (7:30), made coffee, ate some home-made lemon pound cake, and did some revision work on DRAGON JUSTICE.  This is an interesting revision, in that the color and details all work, but part of the plot is undergoing change, for various reasons.  It’s a slow, careful slog, to make sure everything is reformed properly.

Around 10 – after a stop at the local caffeine-dispensing place where they recognized me already (ooops) – it was off to an interview on WGOG with Jeff Styles, which went really well, I think.  Me, Rachel Caine, and Regina (Chattacon’s PR shill/guest liason), selling the convention (and ourselves).  I’ve actually gotten to the point where I’m comfortable on live radio. This is…pretty remarkable.  :-)

Afterward, Rachel and I hied ourselves to a local pub for protein and ale (mmmmmm) and Plotting.  *cue Evil Laugh*  I have no idea if this will fly (it should, damn it, cause it’s FUN), but the plotting was fun, too.  Also, bison burger.  Nom.

Then – being a good camper writer, I put myself at the keyboard and hammered out a bit more on the revisions.  it’s hard trying to get into the grove when you only have an hour here or there, but when need (and deadline) demands, we obey.

Tonight: Opening Ceremonies, and the Meet The Pros.  More Hijinks….

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