Insert Glen Miller song lyrics here…

Okay, Glenn Miller didn’t actually write Chattanooga Choo Choo, Mack Gordon did.  But how many of you would have recognized his name?  (How many of you recognized Glenn Miller’s name?  Ok, don’t tell me, I’ll only get depressed).

But this morning I am indeed bound for Chattanooga, and Chattacon, where I – along with the ever-marvelous Sharon Lee and Steve Miller – will be your ‘umble Writer GoHs this weekend.

Expect Hijinks.

Monkeys Border

And lo, my Official Chattacon Schedule!

Which is really rather light.  Someone needs to teach the good folk of Chattacon
about working their GoHs to the bone…


7PM –  Opening Ceremonies: Guest Speeches

8PM — Meet the Pros Reception


Noon – Evolution of the Vampire in the 20th Century

1PM – Cities, Vampires & Wolves, Oh, WOW!

2pm – Autographing


12 Noon-  A last chance to meet the guests (Q&A time.)

Unofficially?  Well, I may do an impromptu reading from PSI #4: Dragon Justice, if people would like (since I’ll be working on the revisions this weekend).  Maybe Sunday morning?  We’ll see…

ALSO!  I will have on-hand Official! Authorized! Meerkat Minion Badges!  But you need to come up and ask me for one….  :-)

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