Saturday/Sunday at Chattacon

My two panels both went quite well, with a lot of laughter and some insights on why we super the natural, and why cities are so fertile for fiction, and good audience participation, and Sharon Lee almost being et by her chair (more on that later). Then my signing, which was busy for about 15 minutes, and then I spent the rest of the time talking with friends new and old, and chowing down on the most amazingly large personal pizza ever (I finally handed two slices off to other folk, and abandoned the last).

Then there was some casual shmoozing, and a casual dinner with some of the concom, and then back to the parties. Which were quite wonderful, and kudos to the pirates, and also to Friday night’s E.L.V.I.S Agent party, and it all sort of was summed up by the following tweet:

@rachelcaine: Also, @LAGilman drowned her phone in bourbon. EPIC. But as she has no cell, she will not see this tweet.

We have no idea how this occurred.  I have independent verification that my phone was in one hand, and my drink was in another and at no point did the streams cross.  And yet… there was my phone, screen-down in a cup of bourbon.


And asking the cafe staff for a cup of uncooked rice to dry my phone out got a very polite WTF honey? reaction.  Too funny.  But we wait, and we see, and with luck I won’t have to go buy a new phone when I get home….

This morning we did a GoH Q&A that was fun because we got to talk about craft and discipline and how you ‘learn’ to be a writer/artist.  It was also my turn to be et by the chair, which kept trying to flip over and smother me, first.  Why we kept using that chair…?  Because it camo’d itself, and hid among the innocent ones, that’s why.  I wish more folk had made it to the Q&A, but we were against the last hour of the dealer’s room, so hopefully people were also throwing money at the dealers….

Then it was off to a group lunch, hosted by Baen, and some time spent walking along the bluff over the river (and spending some cash at a local, quite wonderful craft boutique).  A good, fun, soothing wind-down.

And speaking of wind-down, this evening there is the dead dog.  I have been promised that the Giants game will be on the tv.   Okay, maybe “wind-up” would be more appropriate.   Meanwhile, we have opened a bottle of wine, and I am poking some more at revisions….

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