Five Things Before we Snow…

1. A cat story.

So Castiel Kitten of Thursday likes to sit in the window seat behind my desk and do his “heyyyyyyy heyyyyy heyyyyy” meow (imagine a very cute rusty gate). And then when I turn my chair around and look at him he stops, stares at me in confusion like OMG you’re looking at me what!, and then starts purring like “hi I’m sorry please don’t be mad oh god I’m babbling” exactly the way fans do if we accidentally run into the object of our fannishness…

Dorkiest. Cat. Ever.

2. A book rec. 

Many (many) years ago, baby-editor-I-was made an offer on a book I loved, Kathi Kimbriel’s NIGHT CALLS. Sadly, the agent and author took another house’s offer. But my love for the book has stood the test of time, and this morning I get to tell y’all that it’s back in print! (Amazon only, for now)

(the second book is also available, ebook only for now)

3. The inevitable Kickstarter update/reminder.

Invested writer is invested: I’ve started writing WORK OF HUNTERS, well before there’s any sane reason to (we’re 50% funded so far, which is Really Good, but not yet There). And yet… Danny is a noisy bastard, and while Ellen’s quieter, she’s just as insistent. We start with a dangerous dame, some magic, and a corpse… (UF noir FTW!).  Also, although the chance to die has been taken, you can still grab the chance to dedicate a novella to someone!

4. SugarCat update.

He has started to be grumpy about his morning shots.  Less so his evening ones, although I suspect that’s coming.  My fault for sticking him that one time, but it’s getting harder to find a bit of loose skin.  :-(  I suspect he’s inflating himself, although that’s counterproductive to this not hurting…. (try explaining that to cats.  Can’t be done).  Will have to up the intensity of the food-distractions…

5.  Weather report.

From “hey, this is kinda mild” to “oh hai lotsa snow coming” this afternoon, and back into the freezer for a few days.  But not the bone-chilling, life-threatening lack-of-heat we had earlier in the month, so that’s okay.  Or at least, seasonable and location-appropriate. We’ll be under the sofa-blanket, working, if anyone needs us….

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