First review for GABRIEL’S ROAD!

spoiler: The Book Pushers liked it!


“… Gilman’s writing was in turns lush and harsh, spare and bountiful almost mirroring the contrast between East and West, acceptance and rejection, celebration and despair.  This was a story which took my imagination on a trip while also leaving me with things to ponder and mull over. I have a feeling elements will distinctly remain with me for quite a while because it isn’t a light-hearted read, yet not dark and depressing; more contemplative or introspective…. Gilman showcased a different aspect of her writing ability and put a significant amount of character development into a single novella without making it seem onerous or superficial.

“(Y)ou can start with Gabriel’s Road then go back… to read the previous three books and maybe the collection of short stories or you can start with Silver on the Road and read the series according to publication date.”

– The Book Pushers


(italics mine)

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