Eleven days and counting…on you.

And we’re at 11 days and counting, for WORK OF HUNTERS/AN INTERRUPTED CRY to fund!  C’mon, don’t you want not one but TWO novellas, featuring a jaded-but-idealistic half-faun PI and his up-and-coming partner, a young human woman with unwanted, deeply annoying magical skills?  Adventure! Genre-appropriate violence!  Snark! Minority Representation! Setting fire to bits of NYC!  (ooops.  That hadn’t been in the original outline.).

But only if we reach 100% funding.  In eleven days.   So check out the backer levels, see what tickles your reader-fancy….

(Because someone asked earlier, the $7,500 will cover the costs of producing the ebooks (paying the editor, the designer, and the lovely April, who rides herd on all the admin details) and buy me the time to write these projects, rather than dancing to someone else’s tune.   Oh, and pay Uncle Sam his share, because yeah, we pay taxes on all Kickstarter monies…)



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