Monday, Yeah

Mmmm. Fusilli with garlic, ancho chiles and sardines, topped with grana padano and pignoli  [beats CatofSize off with a stick]. The only thing that could make this better would be – oh, look at that, a glass of wine!


It has been a Very Long Day, mostly dealing with the AA (author alteration pages) for DRAGON JUSTICE that were… messy. Whoever moved the copyedit changes into the master file left a lot for me to clean up, after (lack of spacing, mis-entered words, etc) so I’ve been cranky and muttering.

But it is done. And y’know what? I really love this book. It brings the pups to the next level, gives them parting gifts, and sends them off in a way I’m proud of. And if the Sylvan Investigations kickstarter fails to reach funding, well, I’ll be sorry that E (introduced in this book) doesn’t get her chance to shine, but at least I did right by PSI.

I really hope Danny and E get their chance, tho.  My god, are they a couple made for disaster…

And now, to complete my exciting day, I get to… finish painting the bathroom.  Oh yeah.  *wooo*

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