In which I am working. And procrastinating. And procrastinating by working.

The lovely thing about this freelance gig is that it’s possible to procrastinate work by…doing other work.  in this case, I am, well, updating my website, and I am handling emails, and I am adding words to the WiP and doing editor-for-hire work…

all to avoid working on the author page set for TRICKS OF THE TRADE.  Which is due on the 5th.

I don’t mind page proofs, but Harlequin has a rather old-school approach to author sets that includes a lot of paperwork, and it drives me batshit.  Really.  After nine+three books, it still makes me shy away like a horse seeing a snake down the road.

I’ll do it, of course.  This is my responsibility.  But I’ll need to be driven to it by the roar of the approaching deadline.

I also have to polish up this week’s Practical Meerkat’s “52 bits of useful advice,” and get it off to my beta before she scowls at me.  Her scowls are a terrifying thing…

So.  I should get to it, huh?


Here.  Have a self-portrait.

the meerkat at work

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