Bea’s Book Nook weighs in on the SILVER standard…!

[A] fresh take on the hero’s journey….The world felt very much like ours but was different enough that I could see the similarities while keeping it separate it from our world. It’s layered and textured and feels real…I liked Izzy and loved seeing her growth. At only sixteen she’s already quite strong and courageous; I can’t wait to see what else she has in store.

SILVER ON THE ROAD is a coming of age story filled with poetic language, adventure, a different take on the devil, and a new perspective on North American history. It was entertaining, fascinating, and a wonderful story. I’ll be looking for the next book.”


(there is also an interview with moi, and a giveaway for one of my last Advance Reading Copies, if that’s your thing…. *g*)

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