Another in a series of meals that probably shouldn’t have worked but were yummy.

1. Make arborio rice with ¼ of the water replaced by (boxed) butternut soup.

2. Add sweet curry powder, onion powder, and garlic powder to the rice as it cooks.

Eat half for breakfast (shut up it’s a perfectly good breakfast) and set aside a cup (or more) in the fridge.

3. Within a day or two, season halibut (or another firm white fish) filet with the same spices, then cook in frying pan over low heat. When fish is no longer translucent, add the rice to the pan, add some minced red bell pepper, break up the fillet, and cover until the pepper starts to sweat and soften and the rice is warm.

Serve. Works surprisingly well with a soft red wine (take that, white-with-fish purists!)

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