Ah Monday. I thought I recognized you when you came in the door…

After the insanity that was last week’s GISHWHES, I’m back on the pony…mostly.


The draft of WORK OF HUNTERS is with the editor, and I have the revisions letter for CLAWED (Gin & Tonic #4) on my desk. The revisions letter for SILVER ON THE ROAD is supposed to hit on Friday (more likely next Monday, I suspect). I’m also working on a short story, and fine-tuning the plot for the next SI novella. I think that’s enough? Yeah, that’s enough. And August was the light work-month.


Finished up one client’s manuscript and sent her editorial letter out last night; another client’s manuscript lands today, plus two shorts to edit for Buzzy Mag.  I may or may not have slots open in October/November, depending on what the email brings in the next week… (but I do have slots open for December/January right now…)

Conventions & Travel:

Shamrokon in Dublin, August 21-24.  (reminder to self:  sort out the currencies drawer and check the pound vs euros situation!)  Spending my birthday weekend in a foreign city with friends and friends-to-be-made and readers… yeah, that’s about as good as it gets.  :-)  My schedule’s here.

DragonCon: August 29-September 1.  Atlanta in the summer.  If I didn’t love DragonCon so much…..  But I do.  My schedule’s here.

RoberCon (Binghamton, NY), September 27-28th.  New and small, but it’s got good bones, so if you’re in the area, check it out! There will likely be hijinks…

Reading at WORD (Brooklyn, NY)  October 1  (as L.A. Kornetsky, with Nick Kaufman and Laird Barron)

World Fantasy (Washington DC) November 6-9.  The usual suspects plus new suspects…

and at some point between October and December, I will be in Seattle again.  Alerts will go out when that’s finalized….

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