A Kickstarter SQUEAK!

*squeak*  Less than two weeks in, and we hit $2571!  This might really happen, I might get to write this story for y’all! 

Only $1429 to go.  We can do that, right?  286 people who want a full-length, epic fantasy novella [with sea serpents!  and magic!  And treachery and greed and honor and love!] for $5?

Or  50 people who want a novella, a bookmark, and a short story for $30?

Or 20 people who want a novella, a bookmark, a personalized thank you letter, and TWO stories, for $75?

Or hey, 6 people who want a novella, two short stories, and a character named after them [or a loved one], for $250? [that would be a KILLER holiday present, wouldn’t it?]

And for 500, 3 people could get the novella dedicated to them, AND home-made cookies!


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