Week’s End Update (with useful links!)

Linky Things:

It’s Friday, so you know what that means:  Self-publish? Big Six? Something Else? Practical Meerkat has her say, in week 45.

My Kickstarter project, a “prequel” novella set in the universe of The Vineart War, hit 51% funded in the first week!   I’ve started writing – I can’t help myself – so I really hope we get a chance to do this.  Have you checked it out yet?

TRICKS OF THE TRADE is out on November 15th.  I’ll be doing a signing (possibly my only one in the area) on November 19th, at Posman’s Books in Grand Central Station, NYC, from 4-6pm.  And – as a bonus! – the Winterfair will be opening that same weekend, so you can pick up books AND do some extra holiday shopping all at once!  In fact, I may LEAD a Shopping Expotition through the fair….


Other Things:

I am still working on FiMyDaNoMo, with one success to report – I’ve reached DRAFT on the new mystery (Gen & Tonic #1).  it’s too short, and seriously ugly, but all that can be fixed.  There is a beginning, things happen, and then there’s an end.  So yeah, draft.  Yay me!

The new UF for Luna is taking shape.  Halfway through, and giggling madly… (me, not the manuscript.  Ok, maybe the manuscript, too.)

And  over on Twitter, Book Country asked us to write a story in 11 words, for 11/11/11.  here’s mine.

“When she cut her hair in mourning, he wept for that.”

There may be a longer story in that.  I don’t know.  Sometimes, the quick bits just grab on and won’t let go... that’s how Attack Stories happen.

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