I wish this was a happier post….

Today is BookDay for TRICKS OF THE TRADE.  I am so proud and happy of this book, I wish I could spend all day kvelling over it, sharing reviews and stories.


But something happened this morning that has taken my attention and energy away.  Early in the morning, the NYPD raided and cleared Liberty Square, the site of the Occupy Wall Street protest – and they did it without a clear warrant, without allowing the press (or local citizens) to observe.  But there were observers.

The NYPD Didn’t Want You To See Occupy Wall Street Get Evicted

Go.  Read. You may not agree with OWS’s goals, or you may think that they are too disorganized, or too Not What You Would Do…but the way the raids have come, in the dark, with violence and an utter disregard for citizens’ rights, should horrify anyone but the most stanch apologist for Corporate America.

And dudes…in addition to tents, food, and personal belongings, the cops destroyed over 5,000 books.  The Peoples’ Library, entire, was thrown into a dumpster.  You know who destroys books?  People who don’t want you to think.  People who don’t want you to wonder, or question.  People who want downtrodden masses, not those who lift their heads and walk freely.

And I say: the HELL with that.

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