A Good Run, and a New Run, for the Cosa Nostradamus

Back in 2004, my very first original novel, Staying Dead, came out from the then-brand-new imprint Luna at Harlequin.  I was among the first of their authors – and one of their last.  My final book for them came out only a little while before Harlequin — including all of its backlist  — was sold to HarperCollins.

In that time, I wrote twelve urban fantasy novels, ten of which were set in the world of the Cosa Nostradamus, the often-uneasy alliance of fatae (supernatural non-humans) and Talent (magic-using humans).

(yes, new readers, that’s right: I made my breakout with urban fantasy, not historical!)

The series had a damn good run, but all runs end.  Fifteen years after the first book came out, HarperCollins has reverted the rights back to me, both for the Cosa books and my stand-alone Portals duology.

Which means I now get to do with them as I wish.

Look for the Portals duology (Heart of Briar/Soul of Fire) coming this fall from Book View Cafe, then the author’s preferred edition of Staying Dead will kick off the Cosa Nostradamus soon after…..

I look forward to introducing new readers to Wren and Sergei, and Bonnie and the PSI crew…. and PB.  Of course, PB!

(for more info about the Cosa Nostradamus, check out the FAQ!)



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