Cosa Nostradamus F.A.Q. (updated 5/2019)

What is the Cosa Nostradamus?
It’s the name given to the entire magical community – Human Talent and non-human ‘fatae.’ Also the all-encompassing name for the books set in the world of the Cosa Nostradamus, including the Retrievers, P.S.I, and Sylven Investigation series.

What are fatae?
The fatae are any creatures of supernatural origins, specifically those who are made of or utilize magic in some way. Most people assume it simply refers to the Fates, but the term “Fairies” (fate or fata) comes from the Latin fatae — which in the wider use of the word simply meant supernatural creatures with nature-associations. The Fates (in English) were merely one aspect of that supernatural world (and they were actually “Moiare” in Greek, and “Parcae” in Roman mythology, I think). The Italian tradition of the fairy tale is one of the oldest, and had the added advantage (to me) of not being Celtic. I wanted to stay away from the purely Anglo interpretations of mythology, since the point of the Cosa Nostradamus is that it is worldwide, and ancient.

How do you pronounce fatae?

Fah-tay, with equal emphasis on both syllables.  That’s how it has always sounded in my head, anyway, and for once I get to be the deciding vote (aka God).

Is there a glossary of terms/people?

There was, but it has been lost to the ravages of Time and Internet.

How many books are in the Cosa Nostradamus universe, and do you need to read them in order?
There are six (6) books  (STAYING DEAD, CURSE THE DARK, BRING IT ON, BURNING BRIDGES, FREE FALL and BLOOD FROM STONE), all featuring Wren Valere, the Retriever, and her cohorts Sergei Didier and the demon P.B.

After that, there are four (4) books featuring Bonnie, the paranormal investigator introduced in the Retriever novels (HARD MAGIC, PACK OF LIES, TRICKS OF THE TRADE  and DRAGON JUSTICE.)

In addition, there are four (4) novellas MILES TO GO, PROMISES TO KEEP, THE WORK OF HUNTERS, and AN INTERRUPTED CRY, featuring the half-faun PI Danny Hendrickson, known collectively as Sylvan Investigations.

And there are alsoa  few currently Patreon-only stories about what happens to the PUPs in the years after DRAGON JUSTICE.

It’s not necessary to read the books in order, but I generally suggest that you do, in order to get a real sense for the growth of the characters. Also, I do refer back to events in previous books. You can start with any series; they are independent of each other. The short stories can be read in any order.

Wait, wait! Short stories?
Yes!  I’m in the process of gathering them all into a new collection, which should be available late-Summer 2019!  Join my mailing list for updates!

Bonnie and her crew are called PUPIs (Private Unaffiliated Paranormal Investigators, but the series is called PSI (Paranormal Scene Investigations).  Why?
Purely a marketing decision on the part of my publisher.  While the name of the team was established in the earlier books, when it came time for Bonnie and crew to get their own books, “PUPI” didn’t look quite so good on a subtitle.

Are there any vampires in the Cosa Nostradamus?
No. I reserve the right to have something exist on blood, but there are no vampires as such. Why? Because there aren’t. There was a passing reference to lycanthropes, but they haven’t played a role in any of the stories.  Yet, anyway.

The novels were originally published by Luna, which was a romantic fantasy imprint. Are these books romances?
In the purest genre sense, not really.  There’s sexual content, occasionally, and relationships being built up and torn down and built up again as the characters grow and learn, but if you’re looking for a Happily Every After every time… well, no.

Is Bonnie (from the PSI series) bisexual?
Yes.  That wasn’t planned, but her character developed that way, from the very first short story (“Illumination”).  Yes, at the end of Dragon Justice she’s with a male partner, and no, you can’t assume that’s where she’ll stay….

How many books in the Cosa Nostradamus universe will there be?
For the moment, there are the six Retriever novels, four PSI books, the above-mentioned short stories, and the novellas featuring Danny Hendrickson, the half-faun PI.  Any more will come out of my Patreon, so if you want more, that’s where you go to support ’em.

Do the characters from one series cross over into the other?
Quite often, actually.  When you run in the same magic-circles….

Do you “cast” any of your characters?
Not really – they’re all very much their own people – but I’ve decided that I’d love to have Anna Belknap play Wren.  And, apparently, Timothy Hutton was the type-model for Danny (I had to have this pointed out to me, but they were absolutely right.  Hah! Well-played, lizard brain.)

I can’t find print editions of the novels!

Yeah, that’s due to Harlequin being bought by Harper, and Harper pretty much dropping the entire Luna imprint.  I’m in the proces of bringing back the ebook editions, but there may not be enough demand to justify print.  :-(

Are there e-books/audiobooks available?
There are!. You can download them directly from the publisher ( for the Sylvan Investigations novellas), or your preferred ebook retailer  There are audio versions available via Audible.

How do you feel about fanfiction?
I think that fanfiction is a wonderful thing, an expression of affection on the part of the fan-writer. I also think that anyone writing Cosa Nostradamus fan fiction should never show it to me, for various technical and legal reasons I have no control over (talk to the lawyers, who can’t seem to agree on what qualifies ‘defense of copyright.’).  Fan ART, on the other hand – show me!

Is there ever going to be a plush version of P.B.?
As soon as I find someone who can make me a reasonable prototype, you betcha!

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