Kudos and Arghs.

Woke up this morning to 2 things via the internet.

1. My ‘local town’ homepage, once again giving all the (unwanted) gifts, and provoking my next month’s Patreon rant (which is a far better use of my energy, I suspect, than actually confronting the incredibly damagingly stupid people who make those comments).

2. This lovely and detailed review of THE UNDERWATER BALLROOM SOCIETY anthology: https://al-moor.com/…/book-review-the-underwater-ballroom-…/

You should all go and read all the nice things being said (and then order your own copy!), but know that the reviewer ended with “Verdict? This book is full of fresh concepts and some of the best writing you can come across. A definite recommendation.”

Oh, my own story?  Yeah, they liked it.

The River Always Wins – Laura Anne Gilman: A story that mixes a dance club, memories, and sorrow in a powerful blend. This one is pretty multilayered, and I read it twice to make sure I didn’t miss any of the hidden messages.

 (I keep trying to make my readers THINK. No wonder I’m not a bestseller. Damn it.)

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