State of the Meerkat: post-Retreat, ongoing Ick

So, I’ve spent the week post-Rainforest Writers Retreat being moderately ick – not the flu, thankfully, but a nasty virus nonetheless.  My head’s been stuffed full of gunk, and I’ve basically been sleeping 12 hours a day.

So that’s put a kibosh on my plans to promote the new paperback of THE COLD EYE.  :-(

It’s also put a kibosh on my desire to take everything that I learned/thought of/accomplished at Rainforest, and roll it right into a work schedule at home.  Grrrr.  I would rather be laid up with a broken leg than a stuffed-up brain.  I know that there are some people who do not brain on a regular basis.  I am not them.  If I cannot brain, I become very. Bored.

(I can’t read, either, when my brain’s this stuffed up.  And if I sat down to watch tv, I fell asleep)

It’s also put a kibosh on this week’s shelter volunteering – I decided my fellow volunteers would rather cover a few animals more than risk being exposed to my germs. Thankfully, the household cats have more than made up for my lack of other-animal-affection, by attempting to sleep on me every time I sit down (and looking at me accusingly when I’m not sitting down). There’s nothing like waking up at 4 in the morning panicked that the congestion has moved into your lungs, only to realize that no, it’s just Old Man Cat sleeping on your chest.

But yesterday I was able to brain for a little bit, and today I hope to brain a little more, and slowly, we crawl back to’t….

(which is good.  because I got a LOT accomplished at Rainforest, and I want to be able to get it all to you at some point soonest…)

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