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State of the meerkat: September, random and otherwise

Last night I woke up and – half-asleep – replaced the summerweight coverlet with the down cover. This morning I am wearing sweats and a long-sleeved t-shirt, and making the season’s first stew (lamb and lentils). If you think all this makes me very happy…. you’d be right! This is a weekend for working, not […]

Monday’s State of the Meerkat roundup

Some days, Twitter, I just don’t know. Meanwhile, for those of you who were offline this weekend… Publishers Weekly reviewed FIXED - a few months late, but they said nice enough things (“well-crafted” and “(a) comfort-reading cozy.”) that we’ll forgive them. :-) And there may have been a drive-by snippeting for the WiP on Friday. And who watched Cosmos last night? […]

Mid-December. Yeah. How’d THAT happen?

Probably won’t make Draft on “Promises to Keep” today, since I have a breakfast meeting and then afternoon plans to see The Hobbit  (yes, I know, but it’s THE HOBBIT. I have to give the first segment a chance, right?).  However, Draft status seems imminent this weekend…. “Alfred knew he sounded like an idiot. He […]

“I don’t want anything with a mind of its own between my legs”

The title of this entry is sort of an exact quote from “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.”  I say sort of because we were laughing so hard after, the exact wording went out of my head. (moderate spoiler: he was talking about a horse) Is this movie as much fun as the first one?  […]

Cowboys and Aliens: Not A Review

A review would indicate that I am being critical [in the 'evaluative' sense] of the movie.  This?  Is not a movie you bring your brain to.  In fact, it’s best to hire a brainsitter and leave it at home entirely with a set of PBS videos, or something. —————- The reviews were in, and they […]

New “Useful Bits” & the allure of bad movies

And lo, it is Friday, which means that there’s a new “Practical Meerkat’s 52 Bits of Useful Info for Young (and Old) Writers” up at BookView Cafe. Another week, another deadline hit.  Twenty-two of fifty-two to go… And in reward (?) for getting work done today, we’re going to see COWBOYS AND ALIENS no matter […]