“I don’t want anything with a mind of its own between my legs”

The title of this entry is sort of an exact quote from “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.”  I say sort of because we were laughing so hard after, the exact wording went out of my head.

(moderate spoiler: he was talking about a horse)

Is this movie as much fun as the first one?  No, but I think only because we know what they’re up to now, so it’s not a surprise.  That said, I paid NYC prices to see this movie (plus extra to get the surround-sound, high-res screen experience), and thought every penny worth it.  Once again the humor arises naturally out of the characters’ reactions to stress and interaction, the stress is a natural reaction to events, and the reinterpretation of events worked both historically and story-wise, for me.

The plot is both complicated and easy to follow, the action is breathtaking [and appropriately over-the-top], and the emotional notes are properly painful. Moriarty is interestingly developed and brutally cold, his henchman/loyal assistant was quite interesting, and my only real complaint was that I thought Mycroft was played a little too much for humor, without also playing up his brilliance.  The scene with Mary (*covers eyes, shrieks in sympathy*) played up the eccentric side, but not so much the competence that’s essential to the character.

The important part, the relationship between Watson and Holmes, was dead-on, and developed further.  You once again believe that they are friends and working partners – although the “dull-witted Watson” trope is trotted out, it’s also demolished on a regular basis by Holmes’ own actions.

Does the relationship have a gleefully emotional and slightly slashy vibe?  Oh yes.  But there’re also a few lovely moments where Mary is let in, acknowledged, and even treasured by Holmes, which adds to the complicated richness of it all.

Oh, and Mary Watson rocks.  That is all.

[this is a movie that gives fair play to its female characters – they are equally strong, smart, thoughtful, and proactive as the men.  And they take shit only when THEY choose to.  For that alone, see the movie.  Take notes on how it’s done – without ‘weakening’ the male characters at all.]

3 thoughts on ““I don’t want anything with a mind of its own between my legs””

  1. I definitely plan on seeing this, especially after your review. I can put my Victorian Era “but that isn’t right” into my back pocket long enough to enjoy a good romp. Thanks for letting us know your thoughts…

  2. On further thought, I did have some hesitations about M’s henchman, who is seen as both a gun for hire, and an impressively loyal retainer. As a writer, I have this desire to bring those two observations together in a more satisfying manner….

    [but this is Movie, not Book. Some things just can’t be managed]

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