Monday’s State of the Meerkat roundup

Some days, Twitter, I just don’t know.

red scare

Meanwhile, for those of you who were offline this weekend…

Publishers Weekly reviewed FIXED – a few months late, but they said nice enough things (“well-crafted” and “(a) comfort-reading cozy.”) that we’ll forgive them. :-)

And there may have been a drive-by snippeting for the WiP on Friday.

And who watched Cosmos last night?  I was a little underwhelmed by some of it*, aware that they were starting with basics for a good reason, no matter that we already knew much of it, and still found myself moved and very much looking forward to next week…  what say you?

I lost Saturday to an all-day writers workshop, where I did not make anyone cry but there were a few thoughtful flinches at certain moments, so I’m satisfied with that (if you come out of one of my workshops not having had a sudden Thought about your own work or process, I didn’t do my job right).  Sunday was…  well, when I spend all day interacting with a largeish group, I need a day to recover.  So, yeah.  This wasn’t the most work-productive weekend ever.

And while the loss of an hour for Daylight Savings didn’t bother me, this morning the fog over the sky is matched by a fog in my brain.  So much to do, so few available brain cells to do it in…. *yawns, dunks head in coffee, gets on with it*

*they might have been better served by a smaller budget for computer graphics, is all I’m saying…

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