short fiction

New story! and subject to size…

The #willwrite2feedothers story is live! If you like it, great, yay!  :-) If you don’t like it…. did you donate to #willwrite2feedothers? I’m sorry and I’ll try better next year. You didn’t contribute to #willwrite2feedothers? Enjoy your story earned by others. :-P Meanwhile, due to the downsizing of my live/work space, there is no longer a do-board. […]

Such a tease(r)….

Started working on my Temporally Out of Order story this afternoon. It’s… kind of outside the usual, for me. How unusual? Gotta get us funded to find out! $3,200 more to go…. (when we get to 1K to go, I’ll give you more of a hint…)

Busy week for NEWS!

Very pleased to say that my short story “Heartbeat” has made it into the ToC of Genius Loci, edited by Jaym Gates.  Some very nice ToC-mates there… Santa Cruz–Andy Duncan And the Trees Were Happy—Scott Edelman Blackthorn—B. Morris Allen Ouroboros in Orbit—Jason Batt Reef—Kathleen Miller Scab Land—Wendy Wagner The Forgetting Field—Caroline Ratajski The Town the Forest […]

This break in the novel is sponsored by short fiction….

So I rarely (never) have playlists (or even listen to music) when I’m writing a novel.  For short fiction, though?  Almost always.  I don’t think it through – I rummage in the bin and pull out whatever feels right, and then try to figure out what those choices are telling me about where I’m going […]

Addendum before the fact for The Devil’s West…

For them curious about the new book deal announced on Friday, there are two stories already bought-and-paid-for in this universe, although they are not connected directly with most of the characters in the novels. First, there’s “Crossroads.”  You can find that here, via Fantasy Magazine (there’s also a podcast option there).  You can also pick it up in 2012’s […]

In which I keep my promises…

As per my challenge,  more than ten of you contributed to the #willwrite2feedothers campaign – raising over $1,100 for food banks, so well done, us! – and therefore I am fulfilling my end of the bargain, with an original short story. It’s…a slightly strange story that may resonate with some folk more than others, but here […]

so yeah, that story y’all earned…

Well, some of you earned it. The rest of you are freeloading off their #2feedothers good works. But we’ll let that pass. Anyway, it’s hit 3k and may have a while to go yet but I’m thinking it’s Pre-Draft – that is, I know where it starts, where it ends, and have a whole bunch of stuff […]

The Million Writers (and me)

So, The Million Writers Award nominations have opened for the stories (of 1,000+ words) which appeared online in 2012.  The editors are limited to three nominations, but YOU  can make your reader-nominations here.   For your consideration: The Cost A young bodyguard and her charge differ on the payment required to save a kingdom.   […]

Free Short Story!

For those of you who’ve read the Nebula-nominated Vineart War trilogy, or have thought about reading the Vineart War trilogy, or have any curiosity at all about an epic fantasy adventure based on wine magic… You can now read “Dirt on their Hands,” Jerzy’s origin story – originally available only to the kickstarter patrons of […]

A story sale, and a story behind it…

So, a long while back (two years, more or less) I had a story out on submission. And an editor said “I like this, I want to buy it. But… we haven’t signed the contract for the anthology I want to buy it for yet so can I hold onto it for a while?” And […]