You’re all busy folk I won’t take up much more of your time…

Favorite, and very telling bit of dialogue from the rough-in of WORK OF HUNTERS… (yes, I’m drafting it even though we haven’t funded yet and I have no spare time, shut up, I LOVE this story, okay?)

“The Cosa is all about discrimination, Ellen. Never think it’s not. You’re at the top of the pole right now and I’m not. Think about that.”

(Danny is a faun/human half-breed.  Ellen is human, Talent, and a Seer.  She is also black.  This is making for some…interesting scenes, considering the plot)

Also, a new dead body has appeared, who hadn’t been in the outline.  Should I add it to the “make yourself die horribly” bonus level?

For those keeping track, we’re at $5,300, with ten days to go.  If you think that isn’t given me indigestion, you don’t know me very well.  C;mon, guys, let’s get another thousand into the pot this week….!

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