You DID it!

“From Whence You Came” is a Go. I repeat, the novella is a go. We have reached 100%.  In one month.

*falls over OMGYAY!  Hugs EVERYONE involved*I admit it, I wasn’t entirely convinced this would work – there’s always this writerly suspicion that people won’t actually PAY to read anything you’ve written, that you’re not on anyone’s “want that” reading list… But you’ve all reassured me I’m not just writing into a vague haze of so-what-who-cares….

Thank you. :-)

*goes back to writing madly*


And remember, we still have through December to raise funds – and the next goal is $5,000, at which point I’ll have to figure out how to include Bob Eggleton’s sketches as interior artwork!  Um.  Eeeek?  New skillset, coming up….

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