Work of Hunters

Danny Hendrickson, an  ex-cop turned PI, and his partner Ellen could be any low-rent private investigators trying to make a difference, and a living, in New York City.

Except Danny’s father was a faun, and Ellen is a storm-seer.

Which means that they bridge the line between human and fatae, between Talent and Null, and specialize in helping people who fall into the dangers between.

In The Work of Hunters, Ellen’s most recent vision strikes a memory for Danny –  a memory that quickly turns deadly. Soon, they are racing the clock not only to stop a new killing, but to find justice for the long-dead.


“Gilman breaks your heart in the best way possible as she revisits the Cosa Nostradamus world with charming half-faun Danny taking the lead.” C.E. Murphy, bestselling author of Shaman Rises