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Heart of Briar

“He has been taken. And you are his only chance.

When Jan’s boyfriend Tyler disappears for several days, she’s worried. And then she’s angry.

Then two strangers rescue her from a violent attack by creatures out of legend, and tell her that Tyler didn’t abandon her — he was stolen away to the fairy court.  And Jan’s his only chance to come home.

But her rescuers aren’t human either, and they have their own secrets.


You can always count on (the) gifted Gilman to deliver richly layered fantasy filled with winning characters and well-defined worlds, and she doesn’t disappoint with HEART OF BRIAR. (A) terrific series starter

—RT Reviews

Given the endless variations of [the Tam Lin legend] that have already been told, Gilman brings a refreshing 21st century sensibility to the tale… Best of all, Soul of Fire, the other half of the duology, comes out this fall. Im looking forward to seeing how Gilman rounds out this story

—SF Signal

[Readers] will be seduced and enthralled by Gilman’s metaphysical thriller about wicked elves, shape-shifting supernaturals and portals to another dimension….melds magic with mayhem for a tale of bravery, friendship and devotion.

—Publishers Weekly

Calling this story a retelling of Tam Lin doesn’t do it justice. Gilman has taken the bones of that fairy tale and reassembled it entirely, restrung with strength and ferocity and drive outside that pale relationship between a woman and her lost lover. Jan’s journey starts to find Tyler, but ultimately she finds so much more. Another world, a war, and a strength and bravery she never realized existed.

—Things Urban Fantasy