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Soul of Fire

Save the world – early and often

Three months ago Jan learned that elves were real, our world wasn’t safe and it was up to her to save her boyfriend-and the world-from being englamoured into slavery. Now Jan has a new deadline-ten weeks, ten days and ten hours. That’s when the truce she arranged between our world and the elves’ realm ends, and the invasion starts.

While supernatural creatures work to defend humanity, Jan and the kelpie Martin have to find the queen, and use her to force the portals closed. But when magic mixes with technology, shutting it down isn’t as simple as closing a door or pulling a plug.  Jan’s geek-girl know-how might have gotten her this far, but they’re going to need technical skills and magic to shut the portals for good….

And their time’s nearly up.

Book 2 of the Portals Duology

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The action in Gilman’s riveting follow-up to the excellent Heart of Briar picks up after all-too-human Jan rescued her lover Tyler from the Elves, with help from some supernatural friends. Once again Gilman builds a rich world filled with complex characters whose motivations are varied and not easily defined.” (4 stars) – RT Reviews

“As always in Gilman’s fantasy, every war has consequences and rarely is there a win without sacrifice. Human, super, and preter societies are colliding, and no matter the outcome, the world will never be the same… and I want more.” – All Things Urban Fantasy

“Usually when I read a book about supernatural creatures, I want to be like those other beings, with cool powers or immortality or magic. Soul of Fire made me realize the power in being human.” – Vampire Bookclub