Writing Advice (or not)

Over the years, I’ve fallen out of the habit of giving general-audience writing advice, because it’s sort of like giving advice on sex: unless you’re an active partner, you really don’t know enough about the person to be useful.

That said, I do have two bits to say, that will hopefully be useful to any creative in any field.

1.   Buckle in & prep for a long ride. Some of it will be dark. This may sound facetious; it’s not. Some people enjoy dark rides. Some get scared. Some enjoy being scared. Some throw up. Know your tolerance.  And don’t assume your tolerance should be the same as ToughWriter or AwesomeSelfPromoter.  They may just have awesome facades, and are melting down inside, too.

2.  There’s only one way to write.  You sit down. You tell a story. You do it any damn way it comes out that works consistently for you. You hope people like it. You hope people pay you for it. You do it again. And again. That’s all I got. You can cheer me on and I can cheer you on, but in the end? In the end it’s down to how you get your getting done, done. So get it done.

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