Wine Nerding for Fun and Profit….

So, we got the technical sheets for Rocky Pond’s new wines, and I feel the urge to put them in my portfolio, because it’s my first official Paid Gig writing tasting notes….

And yes, it’s exactly as wine-nerd as you’d think.

For the 2015 Mourvedre: “Cedar, allspice and a hint of leather suggests an austerity that’s offset by a surprisingly plush and well-balanced mouthful of dark cherry, cocoa powder and ripe strawberry. Pinot Noir’s more deep-thinking big brother.
Pairs well with roast chicken, short ribs, or lamb.”

And the 2015 Sauvignon Blanc: “A delicate nose of citrus and honey and the faint hint of morning dew leads you into a mouth- watering palate of soft grapefruit, spicy vanilla, and hints of green. Medium-bodied, with a long finish hinting at wet slate and citrus peel. Would match well with the traditional shellfish, but also with dried meats and goat cheese.”

and La Domestique (a Merlot blend): “A nose of warm earth and dark fruit leads to savory notes, hitting the palate with a medium- bodied expression of plum, fig, vanilla, anise and cardamom that lingers with a long, smooth finish.
Pair with duck, venison, or grilled chops.”

This wasn’t all my doing – we had a staff tasting, and I took down everyone’s reactions. But the comment about pinot noir was, I think, all mine. :-)

Anyway, yeah, the Mourvedre really is that interesting, the La Domestique is gonna grow up into something amazing, I think, and that Sauvignon Blanc is my new BFF.

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