#willwrite2feedothers: You did your part. Now it’s time for me to do mine….

#willwrite2feedothers roundup: 22 verified donations. I was informed that several other people had made donations, but since I never got confirmation from them as requested, they can’t be counted. So, alas, we fall short of the bonus, and the short story will NOT have awesome illustrations by our own Ellen Million. :-(

However, those 22 donors? Helped raise approximately $1700 for food banks in the US, Canada, the UK, Sweden, and elsewhere.


To put that into some perspective, the NJ Community Food Banks says that a $1 donation buys $10 worth of food. WasteNot of Arizona estimates that $100 can feed 600 people.

Seventeen hundred dollars just fed – rough estimate – nearly ten thousand people a meal they wouldn’t have had, otherwise.

That’s a hell of a thanksgiving meal, my friends.  Thank you.

But it’s only one meal.  So it you didn’t get around to donating this round, don’t think you can’t.  The story will go up on January 1st (I hope) for everyone to read.  You can donate at any time.  The need is there, year-round.

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