Why I won’t be at Boskone this weekend

Normally, a local convention is high on my “I’ll be there” list.  But I’m missing Boskone this year because I will be in DC for the #ForwardonClimateControl march (blizzards permitting) on Sunday February 17th.

Everyone knows that if you want to change something, if you want to influence legislature or push a positive social change, it’s important to speak up, it’s important to sign petitions and call your congresscritters, and incredibly important to rouse the vote.  But for sheer impact, there’s nothing quite like making some noise.

So, this weekend I’ll be gathering with thousands (tens of thousands) of people outside the White House to say “NOW!” with one loud (and media-visible) voice.  NOW is the time for our government to (finally) take real action, to acknowledge what scientists worldwide have been telling us, and realize that the damage isn’t going to be in someone else’s back yard – it’s at our front door.

If you’re in the area, or feel strongly enough to get on a bus and join us… c’mon down!


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