What was that I was saying about new reviews a year later?


“[SILVER ON THE ROAD] has the rare ability to suck readers into a new world from the first chapter. Gilman lures the reader in with what appears to be a familiar setting, but surprises the reader with a bold reimagining of the Western myth and the Devil….The internal mythos of the Territory is a strange amalgam of Christianity, Native American Shamanism, and the inherent magic of the land. This strange mix sounds like it shouldn’t be able to meld into a coherent whole, but Gilman is able to mix these elements into something that feels authentic and real to the reader.

While Gilman adheres stringently to the steps of a hero’s journey, it doesn’t feel forced or just a list of events that the main character has to go through.  Instead there is a freshness and purity to the story that is lacking in many other novels.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and had a hard time putting it down. The book’s sequel Cold Eye, which will be published January 2017 is already on my pre-order list.”

My only caveat in that interview is that it’s Not A Trilogy, Damn It.

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