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And so, the Vineart War trilogy has been finished – on my part.  It now exists in whole for readers to discover, as I hope they will continue to do for many years to come.  If you read it and like it, pass the word along.  Books only survive through word-of-reader-mouth (and online review).

As for me, I’m doing what writers do: working on the next project.  Or, in my case, projects.

Here’s what the list looks like, right now.

  • Portals #1 (a new urban fantasy) due somewhere around January (delivery in flux due to  circumstances publisher-related)
  • Gen & Tonic #1 (a new mystery series) I need to finish up by December, to give my betas time to reality-check me.
  • “Don’t Push Your Shove” (title uncertain) a short story due in December draft finished!
  • “The Woods Are Lovely” (title uncertain) a short story due in November draft finished!
  • fun little freelance gig due 1 November
  • write the remaining Practical Meerkat essays
  • consider a Kickstarter project for “Wine Dark Sea” (would y’all be interested in a Vineart world novella?)
  • write forward on BEYOND THE REAL, aka “the project nobody except Madame Agent has seen yet.”

This list fills me with… utter satisfaction and not a little glee.  A writer is never quite so replete as when she’s writing.  Also, it keeps the cats fed.  And we all know, that’s my real and true purpose in this world…

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  1. Paul – utterly unrelated. After ten books set in that world, other characters/ideas wanted time to play.

    This book is set in our world, where falling in love with the wrong person can lead to the most complicated and fantastical – and dangerous – adventures…. and the definition of “hero” may just be being too stubborn to give up.

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