Unboxing the Pod…

After nearly three years waiting for me in storage, the (nearly) last of my NYC belongings have arrived on the west coast.

In addition to now having enough furniture (except bookcases; we always need more bookcases), I now have all the books I’d determined should not make the possibly-temporary shift with me.  Including many of the reference books I need for NewBook.

I need more bookcases.

My walk-in pantry has officially become a library.

It was probably inevitable.

(It also doubles -triples?- as a wine cellar. It’s….kinda large)

Right now, my kitchen looks like this:

boxes of bookses

Slowly, we will sort things out and slot them into the proper places….


signed 2
A Ring of Endless Light, signed – I think at some point in the early 80’s? It was at a NY is Book Country fair, and man, I miss those… and Taran Wanderer, a new (then) trade edition, that was signed for me on Mr. Alexander’s last book tour before his death. This one of the books that SILVER ON THE ROAD can trace its parentage back to…



Meanwhile, previously I’ve mentioned that I’m not particularly interested in getting books signed by the authors… so what signed editions DO I cherish?

signed 1
Naftali the Storyteller, signed to me back in 1976, and The Reason for the Pelican, signed to me at an unknown date, but with one of the best inscriptions ever (“wishing her a sky full of her own pelicans.”) which, if you know the poem, is subversively perfect to write to a child.











(Not pictured: my first edition, first printing hardcover of GOOD OMENS, signed by both Neil and Terry.)

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