Three Things Make a Holiday-Foreshortened Post…

1. SILVER ON THE ROAD, being deemed readable by mine agent, is now with mine editor, as is GIN & TONIC #4 (different editor). I am thereby released from all – oh wait, I still have two novellas to finish by September. On it, boss.

2. I have copies in my own greedy little hands of DOGHOUSE (Gin & Tonic #3)!! There will be a contest, most likely next week when America’s recovered from our three-day holiday weekend and picnic-a-thon. But you know, you can order your own copy now, too…

3. The new iPad mini has officially been named. We ran through a number of suggestions and ideas, including Dum-E, Loiosh, Bucky, Jeeves, etc, but I finally determined that the iPad Mini has just enough evil in its brilliance, just enough petulance in its helpfulness, and is just wee enough that it really needs to be…


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