Three Cheers for Ms. Kornetsky!

Of my alter-ego, and her forthcoming Collared (November 2012), Publishers Weekly sez:

Fantasy writer Kornetsky’s charming first mystery introduces an enterprising heroine in Ginny Mallard, the owner of a fledgling concierge business in Seattle, Wash., and a supporting cast that includes a couple of four-footed friends. While having a drink in Mary’s, a neighborhood pub, (Ginny) overhears realtor Walter Jacobs worrying aloud to the bartender, Teddy Tonica, about his uncle, Joe, and a batch of important papers, both of which are missing. Hoping to gain a new customer, Ginny volunteers to find Walter’s uncle and the documents, recruiting Teddy to help. Aiding in their search are the bar’s resident “mouser,” a gray tabby cat named Mistress Penny-Drops, and Georgie, Ginny’s half-grown puppy. Meanwhile, the two amateur human detectives trade banter and strike up a wary friendship. Vivid descriptions of Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood are a plus in a cozy tale that will draw in even those normally skeptical of animal-centered stories. Agent: Jennifer Jackson, DMLA. (Nov.)


(in other words, twee successfully avoided, despite presence of both a cat and a dog. Go, Ms K!)

2 thoughts on “Three Cheers for Ms. Kornetsky!”

  1. Congratulations! An author who can avoid twee while writing about “Mistress Penny-Drops” and a puppy, that is an author to be feared. :)

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