Thinks and Things

Although I’m working hard, I’m still falling behind. That’s a warning sign to me to get some things off my plate, NOW.

So today I need to:

* finish a client edit and put it back on THEIR desk for a month or so.
* get the page proofs for DOGHOUSE back to m’editor
* answer all pending email (potential clients and current clients, as well as a few very patient friends)
* pay all the bills
* deal with the last 2013/first 2014 taxation stuff (and make my IRA deposit, damn it.)
* finish the short story edit I should have gotten to the respective writers on Monday
* start dealing with the household things I won’t have time to this weekend because I’ll be at Lunacon
* send out the first part of the Kickstarter bonuses

oh yeah, and get back to the TWO books I’m supposed to be writing now. I’d really, really like to do that.

Although I looked over something I’d done last week and flinched. Not because it’s not well-written (it’s extremely well-written) but it hit an overused trope I really, really didn’t want to hit. So now I have to go back and make it better. Which I can, but I should never have done what I did in the first place.

Still, I guess fixing it before it escaped is almost as good as not doing it in the first place?

Yesterday I went back to sleep for two hours, after feeding the cats at 6am. It was nice, but… mornings are productive for me. Mid-afternoon is for naps. I need to remember that.

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