Things! Things!

THE COLD EYE has gone back to my esteemed editor, wherein he will hopefully assure me that I did not break anything new in the fixing of previous breaking things, and ready it for production. Which is good, because we have a Pub Date! And a Pre-order page! (for Amazon US.  Canadians click here.  Australians! The UK only has the Kindle option up)

and we also have a pre-order page for the trade paper edition of SILVER ON THE ROAD, too. (Amazon US again – Canadians!  No UK option yet).

What’s that, you say?  A cover​ for THE COLD EYE?  Excellent question.  I hand you over to my editor and art director for that.  guys?  Guys?  *echoes bounce back*  Right.  Updates as they happen, then.

Meanwhile, I am working on the second episode of The Case of the Tom in Trouble, and getting ready to post the Patrons-only vid. What’s that? You’re not following along yet? No fears, it’s easy to get in: $1 a month gets you the story, more gets you more.

And in-between that? Still working at the tasting room – biking to work when weather permits (and in the PNW the weather mostly permits), so the meerkat is rebuilding her cardio, five and ten miles at a time. Also, I can now successfully bungee-tie a bottle of wine to my bike’s rack and not worry about it slipping. Is there a Scout badge for that?

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