The first review for THE COLD EYE is in….

I got an email from my agent (before coffee!), with a link to PW’s review of THE COLD EYE.  This is a very important milestone in the life of a new book – did they like it?  Did they hate it?  Did I just waste a year of my life on something that should never have seen the light of day, or has all my emotional labor been justified?

So I clicked through with some very real trepidation.

I am not reprinting the review in toto because they managed to give not one but TWO plot-reveals in the process, and JFC, professional reviewers should know better.

However, the important takeaway was this:

“Gilman crafts a fascinating vision of a magic-infested continent, set in an unsettled and unpredictable time. As she expands upon the imminent conflict among the various factions inhabiting North America and delves into the supernatural structure of the setting, she lays the groundwork for her increasingly capable heroine to come into her own.”

“Fascinating.”  I think they liked it.


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